About Us….How It All Began

I had bred and shown whippets since around 1970. My oldest daughter, Maurine always accompanied me to the shows and helped with showing and all of the chores that go along with that. One day, she told me that she would really like to have a standard poodle. We then began to research the Standard Poodle breeders in order to try and find a nice poodle for Maurine to show. In addition, Maurine began working for, and assisting Betty Brown, AKC handler, at the shows we would attend, hoping to learn about growing coat, and maintaining coat, and putting a show poodle together for the ring.

We were able to purchase Pinafore Parrishill Aphrodite, i.e.: “Ariel” from Penny Harney of Pinafore Poodles. She became a part of our household, and serious poodle endeavor. She only needed a major to complete her championship, so the work began. Maurine managed to show her, and win that major, which made Ariel an AKC Champion of Record. Subsequently, we tried to breed Ariel in order to continue on with something in the show ring, but unfortunately, Ariel never conceived due to hormonal issues. A short time later, Penny telephoned one day and said, “I have a lovely white bitch puppy for Maurine, but didn’t want to send her, lest it be with your approval.” Needless to say, I approved the acquisition. We named her Kiwi. She was a Ch. Pinafore Passport daughter that came over from New Zealand. She was a lovely, girl, with a zest for life, and a certain special sweetness about her. Maurine took her as a 9-12 month puppy bitch to the PCA (Poodle Club of America) show in Maryland. Unfortunately, Kiwi did not seem to want to grow hair…..so showing her was discontinued after a time due to that, combined with a change of direction with Maurine’s interests. Maurine began college and left home, and the poodles became MY POODLES!!!!! Yahoooooooo!!!!! Of course, I had become totally immersed in “poodle stuff” along the way, as it took that effort in order for me to help my daughter get a good start with the poodles. It was then that we decided to breed Kiwi, Pinafore Platinum Blonde, to Gentry, CH. Blacktie Slvrngent Dayspring. Here is a photo of Kiwi taken at Jackson Mississippi the day prior to driving to Ocala Florida to breed her to Gentry. Wasn’t she gorgeous? I was so excited!

She delivered four gorgeous puppies that were healthy and thrived. From that litter, I kept the three whites, Vanna, Cliff and Collier (pictured on home page). It was several years later that I decided to seriously consider showing Collier and Cliff. The adventure began. Sherri Vidrine had taken Collier for a time to grow coat on him. Upon meeting Sherri in person, and seeing Collier in coat, a spark ignited the passion I have today to own, and show standard poodles. Sherri agreed to help me learn the finer points of growing coat, and later, to teach me how to put a poodle down for show. When Sherri puts a show poodle together, they have a special look that only Sherri can create. I am honored, and appreciative of the knowledge and skills that Sherri was willing to share. It is my intent to go forward with what I have learned, and to share with others that are truly dedicated to learning our incredible sport.