Kiss Puppies Taken at 12.5 to 15 weeks of Age


WHITE…PINK COLLAR GIRL!!! The following is a gallery of photos of the white pink collar girl, an absolutely gorgeous white, standard poodle female puppy. She was 14.5 weeks of age in these photos. This puppy is available. She is definitely a show prospect. Attitude, attitude, attitude is what it is all about with this one. She NEVER puts her tail down and knows no strangers. Call Jolene @(903) 714-3861 OR email @ for more information about her.


WHITE….PURPLE COLLAR GIRL!!! The following is a gallery of photos of the white purple collar girl. This White Standard Poodle female is AVAILABLE. She will make a wonderful show, performance, hunting dog, or soul partner for the right person or family. This girl is very sweet and loveable, yet has a lot of spunk and moxy. Call Jolene @ (903) 714-3861 or email@ to learn more about this lovely poodle.


BLUE GIRL…..FORMERLY BLACK GIRL..Her color is definitely changing and she is going to be a blue…Yes, a blue standard poodle female. These photos were taken 05-08-2014 at 15 weeks of age. She is available only to a home where she will be shown. Her carriage is exceptional, and attitude to burn. Soon she will be known as Miss Priss. This girl is going to shine no matter what the endeavor. Keep in mind I did have to lighten some of the photos in order to see the detail in her face which is absolutely lovely…otherwise the photos are not retouched. Call Jolene for more information about Blue Girl @(903) 714-3861 or email @


SILVER BOY..PRINCE. Taken at 12.5 weeks of age….a bit younger than the girl pups when their photos were taken. This beautiful silver male (with full tail) will be going to Europe to be shown. We here at Whisperun, are excited about that and we know he will make us all proud. His attitude is wonderful, his tail carriage is exceptional, especially in light of the fact that it is a complete, never docked tail….carries it straight up. We will look forward to hearing back as he grows and progresses.